7 Tips to Maintain your Carpets & Enhance their Longevity

7 Tips to Maintain your Carpets

Carpets are very high maintenance textile and are used to cover the floor. People like to place the carpet in their homes because it is very comfortable and appealing. Though it is quite expensive, it is one of the best investments for your house. It is one of the excellent choices you can make for your house, but it needs proper maintenance and Carpet cleaning Dubai. 

You need to clean the carpet on a regular basis or book some good carpet cleaning service Dubai, as dust and specks of dirt get easily accumulated on the surface. You can also contact professional carpet cleaners, as they are experienced and can easily take care of the fabric, without any damages. But, before you hire an expert, here are some DIYs that you can try.

Why should you clean the Carpet Periodically?

Now, there are certain benefits of having your carpet cleaned. So, scroll down to know more about the carpets.

  • Effect on your health

Carpets are well known for spreading allergies, germs and dust. The dust particle can increase breathing problems. So, vacuuming regularly can stop the risk of health problems. It will remove dust and dirt and will help you and your family to breathe clean refreshing air. 

  • Maintain Outlook of the Room

Not many people know that dirty carpets can disrupt airflow. As the carpets get accumulated with dirt and dust, the airflow in the areas along the walls become compromised. Your room will look dirty and unpleasant. Hence, regular cleaning will help you to avoid these things. You can also get rid of obnoxious smells.

  • Upgrade the Look and Feel

It is very obvious that carpets help to upgrade the look of your room. But, unclean or dirty carpets will make the fibres tangled and the carpets will look old and worn out, as well as rough. Cleaning your carpets with strong protectants uses different ways to remove stains. Thus, you will feel fresh and healthy. 

7 Ways to Preserve your Carpets

There are certain pro-ways that you can imply to maintain your carpet for a longer time. These tips are very useful, it will keep your house, as well as your carpet, ready to welcome uninvited guests. 

If you are overloaded with work, then you should hire a professional to maintain the beauty of your house. So, let’s get to the tips:

1. Regular Vacuuming your Carpet 

Sometimes, by simply vacuuming your carpet you can make it long-lasting. Regular cleaning or vacuuming your carpet is the easiest and proves to be more effective. It will make sure that there is no build-up of dirt or germs. In case you do not have a vacuum cleaner at your home, you can book a reliable carpet cleaning Dubai service and get the task done.

Dirt and debris get easily accumulated and affect the quality of the air you breathe. It will also cause damage to the carpet and will make it look dull. Hence, you need to vacuum your carpet regularly to avoid all these problems and to improve the quality of the carpet. 

2. Dust Baking Soda before Vacuuming

When you find out that your carpet is not just dirty, but also smelly, then you have to use baking soda to stop the odor. Dust some baking soda, on the carpet, before vacuuming or getting it cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning company Dubai. Or, you can also try to spread some amount of baking soda, evenly, on the carpet and leave it for a few mins, or an hour. This will help to eliminate the unwanted smell, then vacuum it normally. It sounds very simple, but it is very impactful. It will help the carpet to retain its refreshing smell for a longer time.

3. Remove Stains Immediately 

Your carpet can be the most traffic-congested area and can be a victim of accidents like stains and spills. You need to tackle it immediately because stains if left unattended for a longer period of time, can be hard to remove. For this, you need to use a suitable cleaner, and then gently mop it up with a clean cloth. You need to keep in mind that never rub the stain, or else it will spread deeper to the carpet. Keep mopping until it is dry, and then vacuum it.

4. Use Rug and Mats to Protect your Carpet

To give your carpet additional support you can use rugs or mats. As your carpet experiences the most traffic, dust or dirt gets accumulated easily. Thus, to protect your carpet you need to put an attractive rug. You can put the rug either in front of the door or under the dinner table. Though you need to clean the rug, too, it is much easier than cleaning a carpet. Buy a good quality area rug and help your carpet to retain its good condition for a longer time. 

5. Keep Shoes off the Carpet 

Make it a habit of removing shoes before stepping into your house. It makes it easier to stop the accumulation of dirt and dust. By doing this simple task you can protect your carpet from the hard tread of shoes that can eventually degrade your carpet. Overall, this practice will help in carpet maintenance. 

6. Arrange the Furniture 

Another thing you can do to preserve your carpet for a long time is — rearranging the furniture. Yes, it does sound a little strange, but it is effective. It will keep your carpets protected from heavy furniture marks and will ensure that the same area will not receive the entire stress and get damaged. Thus, it will cause less wear or tear, at a particular place or spot. So, you need to rearrange the furniture often. 

7. Use a Strong Home-made Protectant 

The best way to maintain your carpet, and to preserve it for a long-lasting aesthetic view, is by using a strong protector or a strong deodorizer. The protectants help to keep out the dust and oil and water-based spills. 

You can make deodorizer all by yourself, at home, just by using a few ingredients. In a large container take one or two spoons of borax, with ten drops of essential oil. If you have pets, make sure the scent from the essential oil does not irritate them, as they have a strong sense of smell. 

Then, finally, add two cups of baking soda. You have to mix it properly. Baking soda will help to absorb the bad smell, the oil will freshen the carpet, and the borax will kill the germs. 

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So, these are some essential and handy tips that you can use to preserve your carpet for a long time. These tips are useful and very easy-to-implement. However, you can also hire a professional for carpet maintenance. Experts can be the best option if you have too much work to do. You should deep-clean the carpet at least twice in a year. So, keep your carpets clean, stain-free and lively to welcome guests.

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