How To Stop Hair Fall Immediately At Home

Are you also wishing to stop hair fall problems? For those who have beautiful and long hair, in order to find their valuable hairs all over the floor and comb is really painful. Currently, Hair fall has become a common issue in men as well as women. Basically, there are a number of factors responsible for hair fall. But, if the issue is identified in the early stage, then you will be able to control your hair fall with a few simple remedies that are completely organic as well as efficient in saving your locks.

Most Significant Causes of Hair Loss


As we all aware of the fact that there can be a number of factors that can lead to the hair loss issue and there is a great need to stop hair fall. Some of the most prevalent causes are mentioned in the below section!

❏     Hormonal Imbalance

After crossing the age of 30, women might encounter hormonal imbalances that can be responsible for hair loss. Usually, such kinds of things are caused by extreme dihydrotestosterone (DHT) growth. Despite estrogen is the principal hormone that women produce, but testosterone and other androgens including DHEA likewise appear in the female body. Therefore, after a certain age, they might start to transform these androgens into DHT.


❏     Nutritional deficiencies

This can be feasible that necessary nutrients might be dropping from your diets including copper, zinc, iron, as well as proteins. Moreover, the lack of vitamin D is another potential cause of hair loss. For avoiding such kinds of situations, try to be sure to soak up some sun.


❏     Thyroid issues

If you have thyroid issues like if your thyroid gland produces extreme or insufficient thyroid hormone, then the hair growth cycle might hamper. But, if you have a thyroid problem, then you will find other indications along with hair loss including sensitivity to heat or cold, weight loss or gain, and changes in heart rate.

❏     Birth Control Pills


Birth control pills can be another potential cause of hair loss. The hormones in the medicine that suppress ovulation can cause hair to weaken, especially in women with a family tradition of hair loss. At times, hair loss can appear after stop taking the pills. Other pills related to hair loss are blood thinners and drugs that treat heart disease, high blood pressure, depression, and arthritis.

❏     Stress


Excessive stress can cause unexpected hair loss that may last for several months. Decreasing stress through meditation, massages, exercise, and yoga will help to reduce your possibilities of encountering hair loss.

❏     Hairstyling Products

Over-hairstyling can lead to hair loss. This actually happens because of the toxic products found in styling products. Likewise, most of the shampoos have SLS (Sodium lauryl sulfate) which poses a toxic influence on your immune system. Moreover, it has been proven in order to corrode hair follicles and also prevent hair growth. Therefore, this is advisable in order to stick to chemical-free dyes and shampoos.

Amazing Tips to Control Hair Fall Issue

➢     Shampoo


This is pretty essential to understand your scalp type and select the best shampoo accordingly. Moreover, you have to wash your hair according to your scalp requirement. Likewise, with a dehydrated scalp, over washing hair can also responsible for hair fall, or not cleaning oily locks can lead to the same.

Therefore, you need to be sure your shampoo is not filled with chemicals including paraben, silicone, and sulfate that can make your hair crumbly and therefore, prone to damage and breakage.

➢     Conditioner


A chemical-free conditioner can work significant wonders for your locks. The best quality conditioner contains amino acids that not only repair damaged hair but also keep them healthy and smooth.

➢     Diet and Exercise


All are required to feed their hair the best nutrients especially lots of iron and protein. But, having a balanced diet assure you are running side by side. Meditation and yoga are quite useful in decreasing hair fall.

➢     Chemical Treatments

Undergoing harsh hair practices including perming, straightening, as well as coloring are absolutely not good for your tresses. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid curling rods, blow dryers that make your hair brittle.

If you do prefer blow drying, then make sure you use it in the lowest heat setting. If using other products that heat your hair, then try to use a protective spray at a regular interval.

➢     Oiling

Oiling not only nourishes the roots but also improves blood circulation. Therefore, try to be sure that you massage your tresses twice a week with oil that meets your scalps requirement. After applying oil, you might cover it with a shower cap and after two to three hours wash it off with a mild shampoo.

➢     Extreme Usage of Styling Products


Usages of extreme chemical-laden products could prove dangerous in the long run. Therefore, try to give these chemical-loaded products a break and start using natural homemade recipes instead.

3 Best Organic Remedies to Reduce Hair Fall

Coconut Milk to stop hair loss:

The essential fat and protein in coconut milk help hair growth and also prevent hair fall.

To use coconut milk:

  • Crush a medium-sized coconut and cook it in a container for 10 to 15minutes.
  • Strain and let it cool.
  • After that, add one tablespoon of fenugreek seeds and black pepper (crushed).
  • Mix them well and apply them on your scalp as well as hair.
  • After half an hour, wash them off with a mild shampoo.

Egg Mask prevents hair loss:

As we all know that eggs are rich in phosphorous, sulfur, iodine, zinc, selenium, as well as protein, which help to improve hair growth. Using egg mask can be a great help if you are searching for: How to stop hair loss.

To make an egg mask:

  • Take one egg and separate the egg white in a bowl.
  •  Afterward, add the required amount of honey and olive oil.
  • Make a THICK paste and apply it all over your hair and scalp.
  • Let it sit for 30 minutes and, wash with a mild shampoo.

Green Tea:

Green tea rich in antioxidants. And these antioxidants boost hair growth and also prevent hair fall.

To use green tea:

  • Take 2 to 3 green tea bags and soak them in a cup of hot water.
  • Let it cool down! Once it cools down, pour this over your hair and scalp, while applying, you can massage your head gently.
  •  After an hour, rinse with cool water.

Parting Words

Well, it comes to the end of “how to stop hair fall immediately at home for females”. We hope we have been able to figure it out for you that how to stop hair fall. Thanks for reading our blog. If you want more information, then let us know in the comment section below! And do follow our blogs on a regular basis!!!

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