Top 9 Locations For Pre-Wedding Shoot In Dubai

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Have you ever heard about the real fact that Money never purchases happiness? So, you haven’t been to Dubai. Well, when it comes to the place of modern fairy tales, Dubai appears in the first place. Basically, the city is as fantastic as possible. From the architectural wonders to the skyscrapers, the city has everything. The city can keep one charmed for long. Furthermore, the magnificence of the city will consistently be awed. Therefore, today, we are going to describe the top 10 locations for Pre-wedding shoot in Dubai.

Dubai is an attractive place that has been adored by everyone. Although a bit expensive for sure,, it is the ideal spot for a pre-wedding shoot since it has everything. From romance to adventure, everything. This pre-wedding shoot would also show you most of the wonders of the world. Not adoring the city and location is truly out of query since Dubai gives all of you, from desert to sea. Moreover, this is the natural combination of various common landscapes that can be nicely utilized for the Pre-Wedding Shoot.

To be honest, nobody can rank a solitary location as the best. However, according to the recommendation and choice from different couples following are among the most intriguing spots that are generally liked for satisfying the most extreme craving of shooting a pre-wedding shoot.

1. Burj Khalifa

Quite possibly the most acclaimed landmark on the planet, Burj-Khalifa is the tallest structure on the planet. For an affection that is bigger than the Burj-Khalifa itself, a picture along with the landmark as a background, simply adds to any photoshoot. After the sun goes down, the structure looks more pretty.

Position: 1 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Best Season: All-day

Nearest Airport: Dubai International Airport

Permits: Not required

2. Desert

Who does not adore nature? Well, the Desert is the most well-known and fascinating spot for a pre-wedding shoot in Dubai The desert with its sand hills, nature (specifically the camel and the desert bushes), and the palace will make the ideal background for a pre-wedding shoot area. 

Position: Umm-al- Suqeim Road – Dubai – United Arab Emirates, 17, The Iridium Building

Best Season: Winter, mostly November to March

Permits: None

3. Madinat Jumeirah

With Classic Arabic Architecture as the scenery, Madinat Jumeirah is the ideal area to make anyone like a princess. The area is attractive itself, and with your adore and love, it will be incomprehensible for it to not be awesome. The place can give you the ideal Arabic vibes that you can’t help but really enjoy. You can make yourself an exemplary Arabic Style for your Pre-wedding shoot.

Nearest Airport: Dubai International Airport (DXB), Dubai

Permits: Local Tourist Permits are needed.

4. Al Barari wedding shoot Location

For a special photoshoot without sand, Al Barari is the best spot. Along with its amazing greenery, this Al Barari can be transformed into the ideal heartfelt scenery required for a pre-wedding shoot. Each and every nature lover couldn’t want anything more than to get photographs under the detailed arches in the Al Barari. This is an area that attracts everyone!

Nearest Airport: Dubai International Airport

How to reach: More than 15 minutes car drive from the airport.

5. Underwater Diving, Dive Atlantis

Well, life underwater can be quite adventurous. A pre-wedding shoot under the water is something that is cherished by all. Here, you can go underwater driving and furthermore complete a photo shoot. Furthermore, you can get some truly amazing undershot shots on the net nowadays. All you need is a pleasant, innovative photographer.

Nearest Airport: Dubai International Airport

How to reach: More than 20 minutes car drive from the airport.

6. Beach

Who doesn’t cherish the prospect of sand, water, along your loved ones to play with? Well, Dubai beaches are the romantic spot for a pre-wedding photoshoot that one can need. These beaches can provide you a number of heartfelt photographs both on the water and the land. You can employ a method of water transportation for a professional photo shoot in the water. These photographs will be stunning for sure.

Nearest Airport: Dubai International Airport

How to reach: More than 20 minutes car drive from the airport

7. Fujairah Mountains

Fujairah Mountains refer to the reddish tone mountains, and it is only two hours far from Dubai. All can go there during the sunrise and even during sunset. The mountains can give you pleasant, heartfelt photographs along with sensational scenery. Nobody can deny the pleasure of this spot. This can be a heartfelt escape for the couple from the chaos of the downtown and will give you refreshment in no time.

Nearest Airport: Fujairah International Airport

How to reach: just 10 to 15  minutes car drive from the airport

8. Miracle Gardens

For a brilliant crazy and sensational pre-wedding shoot in Dubai, Miracle Garden is the ideal spot. Basically, this is a supernatural occurrence with every one of the brilliant blossoms around the Garden. It would likewise make for a decent background along with striking developments made by the blossoms. Of course, you can wear different outfits and click heartfelt photographs around the nursery.

Nearest Airport: Dubai Al Maktoum International Airport

How to reach: More than 40 minutes car drive from the airport.

9. Aquarium

 In the event that you need a pre-wedding photoshoot with underwater life, in that case, the sea isn’t the solitary spot for you. You can also go to the aquarium for some amazing shots. Here, you will discover considerable types of underwater life and all the shoots here are relatively simpler than a shoot underground.

Nearest Airport: Dubai International Airport

How to reach: More than 10 minutes car drive from the airport.

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Summing Up

Well, this comes to the end of the article “top 10 locations for Pre-wedding photoshoots in Dubai”. Thanks for checking out this blog and hopefully, we can provide you enough information so that you can make a choice on choosing the best pre-wedding shoot location!

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