AC is not cooling: 10 Reasons why this Happens


During summer the only thing that we want when we get home is to be under AC. But, just imagine, if your AC is not cooling suddenly. This is not what you want after a long tiring day. Thus, you have to gain a little basic knowledge of AC. Because you have to understand the reason why your AC is not working or not cooling efficiently. This will eventually help you to prevent such hassles in the near future. Furthermore, you can even seek professional assistance at the right time, to reduce expenditure and downtime. So, keep reading.

Major problems why your AC is not cooling:

Some of the points are listed below. It will help you to understand better. So, let’s get to know the reasons why your AC is not cooling. 

1. The air filter might be muddy

This is one of the common problems that the users face. It is because of the dirty air filter the AC might not be cooling. The dust and dirt get clogged in the AC filter and make it unclear. Due to this reason the user might face many problems. Thus, the AC will be getting warmer. The thermostat might not work properly. And, the dirt that is accumulated in the AC filter will stop the cool and warm air to pass inside the duct. You will also see that the evaporator coil has also frozen, thus blocking the cool air to pass from the outlet. 

2. The thermostat setting might be inaccurate 

If you see that your AC is not cooling, then you should check whether your AC is properly working or not. You will see that your air conditioner unit releases cool air, and then suddenly warm air comes out. You need to turn your thermostat settings into ‘auto’ mode if you face any such situation. Hence, the fans work only when the air is cooled. Thus, you are advised not to keep the thermostat mode ‘on’ instead keep it in ‘auto’ mode. It is also one of the common problems that the user faces.

3. The motor might not work properly

At times there will be situations when you will see that the motor of the fan is broken or faulty. You will see that the outdoor unit is not in proper condition, i.e. it is unable to release heat. Hence, creating a problem in cooling down the air conditioning unit. If you face any such situation where your AC is not cooling, and also have no knowledge about AC, then take the help of professionals. 

4. The refrigerant is not in proper condition

Refrigerants play a very important role in the functioning of the air conditioner. Basically, it is a fluid that receives heat from the surrounding air. If the refrigerant is not working properly or is insufficient to carry out its work, then it is quite possible that your AC is not cooling. You will also see that there might be a leak in the refrigerant. 

Thus, you are recommended to get the AC servicing done at a regular interval. You can easily identify this problem with signs like bubbling noise or the development of ice on the outside unit. 

5. You will see water leakage around the AC

Often you will see that the AC is leaking water indoor and outdoor. One of the reasons might be because of the fact that you have not done the servicing properly. Another reason is that the drain system of the condenser might be blocked due to algae or fungi. Even the condensate pump might be completely broken and needs to be replaced immediately. 

The outdoor water leaking might be because of the fact of improper installation. You can contact any professionals to fix it, or if you have enough knowledge you can do it by yourself. 

6. The electric operation might get collapsed 

Often, it might happen that due to excessive turning Off and On the AC’s compressor and fan might wear out. The compressor, the condenser motor, and the blower motor are all connected to turn On the unit. Due to the decay of wires or terminals, it can cause disruption and can prevent the compressor and the motor to start. 

To solve this problem first you need to check the electrical connection. If you are unable to understand the problem take the help of professionals to get the best service. 

7. Width of the AC matters 

Some of the users think that the size of the AC is not that important. But, for a change, it is. People often make the wrong decision by selecting AC based on the price. But, it should be based on the requirement of the room. If the AC is small compared to that of the room, then it will be very hard to cool the room. If it is the peak of the summer, then it will be very hard for you to survive with faulty AC. The size of the AC should be as per the size of the room. 

8. The temperature of the surrounding can affect your AC cooling

Many people don’t know that the surrounding temperature also affects the AC inside the room. There is a certain optimum temperature at which your AC will work ideally and effectively. If the temperature limit exceeds the optimal temperature, then it might happen that your AC will not work. Often you will see that the surrounding atmosphere is so hot that the AC’s compressor stops working totally. 

9. The AC remote might not be working

You might face certain situations where the AC remote is not working, it is faulty. Sometimes, the remote fails to send the signals of the temperature change to the AC unit. The only solution is that you have to change your remote as soon as possible. To survive in the summer months you need AC and for that, you have to get a new remote. You can purchase your faulty motor from anywhere you want, both online or offline. Moreover, it is easily available based on different brands. 

10. Requirement of professional advice

You often have to check your AC, to know whether it is working properly or not. Regular maintenance of your AC is very much important to prevent malfunctioning. If you are clueless about technical problems, then you should contact professionals. They will help you out to repair your AC not cooling problem. And, if you don’t have any idea about the AC parts, but still trying to repair them to save money, then it will cost you a lot more. 

Things that you can do yourself i your AC is not cooling

Well, there are some basic things that you might check on your own. It might be possible that it is not a major problem. So, before going to the service center or before calling a professional, you can try out these things. They are listed below:

1. You need to inspect the switchboard

One of the common problems that your AC is not working is because of the faulty switchboard. Due to the faulty switchboard, it stops the electric signals to pass to the appliance. So, if you see that your AC is not working, then check the switchboard. You can buy the required parts from the market and can change them without any difficulty. But, you should remember that safety is first, so if you have no knowledge then hire professionals to help you out. 

2. You should check the AC filter

As already mentioned that due to dirt and dust your AC might not work properly. Get a clean cloth and start cleaning your filter, but very patiently. The best way to maintain your AC is that check the filter regularly to avoid AC not cooling down. 

3. You should inspect the duck 

Another problem that you can solve on your own is to check the duck. Just like the filters, the coil also gets dirty due to the accumulation of dirt and dust. Hence, you need to clean it on a regular basis. You can use a clean cloth or a brush to do the work. You just need to gently rub it and remove the dirt from it. 


So, this was all about the problems faced by AC not cooling down. Yes, you can repair your AC if you have basic knowledge about AC, or if your AC has minor problems. But, for the major one, you have to contact professionals. They are experienced and experts in their job. They will save your time and you can select an affordable service according to your budget.

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