Benefits of rose water for skin


Rosewater is sweet aromatic water infused with the calmness of rose petals. Rose water for skin use purpose has been in daily routine for thousands of years. Most of us use it on a daily basis and it is suitable for every skin type. This beauty tonic has numerous benefits on the skin which are discussed as follows.

Soothes skin inflammation: 

Rosewater is great to use for skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis. Its anti-inflammatory properties soothe the itching and irritation caused by these conditions.


Has Antiseptic and Antibacterial Effect: 

Rosewater has a special antibacterial property, which makes it an active ingredient against infections. It can be a useful alternative to tap water for our eyes to clean them. The water must be used carefully on the body parts in terms of purity and as the eyes especially are very sensitive to dust and infections. It reacts as an anti pollutant against the dust and pollutants of the air and reduces the redness and inflammation of the eye. It is also very beneficial for acne. Its property of cleansing along with the ability to remove oil, dirt, reduces acne and prevents future breakouts.


Gives a Natural Shine To Hair: 

Rose water can also helps in restoring the natural beauty & shine of the hair. It is also used on the scalp to get rid of unhealthy oil and dirt. Rosewater for the hair is a very good alternative to shampoo. It acts as a natural cleanser and conditioner. 

Helps to Maintains the Skin’s Natural pH Balance: 

We often used chemical soaps and cleansers which disrupt the pH balance of our skin and also make it prone to bacteria which causes various skin tones,  rashes, and acne. Rosewater has a pH level of 5.5 which helps rose water restore the skin to its normal pH level. 


Reduces dandruff: 

Rosewater also helps to fight against dandruff problems. It moisturizes the hair well. We can apply it directly onto the scalp & have a shampoo afterward. Using this method once a week helps in good results.

Used as an After-Shave: 

Rose water helps to reduce all the skin burns and rashes that we tend to get after shaving the legs. It gives calmness to our skin soothes the irritation and reduces inflammation. It has been used as an alternative to After shave lotions


Used as a Makeup Remover: 

In the case of dry and sensitive skin, finding a suitable makeup remover is really a big task. Using the wrong kind of makeup remover can have an adverse effect on the skin and also can damage the skin.  But the natural smooth properties of rose water coupled with its nourishing and hydrating effects is a great way to gently and effectively remove makeup without having harsh on the skin.


These above-mentioned properties are some basic utilities of rosewater.  It is also been considered safe to be used on any type of skin. There are no known risks for the usage of rosewater. But in the case of allergy, it can cause negative effects. There are also huge benefits and positive effects on the skin of rosewater and using it properly can glow your skin.

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