Top 11 Trendy False Ceiling Designs Used In Villas In Dubai

False Ceiling

The new trend of flat and the ceiling have fallen wayside. Since most of the people are eyeing on the products which makes the normal ceiling look unique however with negligible costing. So with the new surge of new false ceiling designs, it has become simpler for people in order to adorn the excellence of any space whether it be a private complex, office, theaters or commercial or residential complex.

False Ceiling Designs | Definition

False ceilings are frequently optional ceilings that are hung underneath the principal ceiling with the assistance of suspension ropes or swaggers. These ceilings are made from a number of materials like POP (plaster of Paris), asbestos sheets, gypsum board, aluminum board,  molecule board, wood, and so forth They are otherwise called suspended ceiling or dropped ceiling.

Most Basic Benefits of False Ceiling Designs

The most basic benefit that everybody knows about is – it enhances the aesthetical aspect and extent of interior spaces yet this advantage is only the tip of an icy mass as there are a ton of advantages that false ceiling designs give and a few of them are mentioned underneath: 

  • Covers up ducting and other primary components that obstruct the magnificence of the room. 
  • Functions as a warmth encasing. 
  • Functions as an acoustical boundary by decreasing reverberation issues. (Particularly in halls, conference rooms, theatres and so forth) 
  • Proceeds as an enemy of microbial components (required uniquely in medical care habitats, medical clinics and facilities). 
  • False ceiling design can likewise work as a fire separator if the material utilized in making ceiling tiles are fire rated wood boards or mineral fiber
  • The space left between the ceiling and struts works as a duct that carries all the hidden and wiring lighting systems.

Advantages of False Ceiling designs:

  • It is exceptionally simple to include the false ceiling with the assistance of the right sort of devices and trained experts. 
  • False Ceiling provides a glossy surface and treats undulations in the slab concrete and so forth, 
  • It is practical and versatile in design 
  • A false ceiling conceals the ventilation work, pipes as well as electrical wires and gives the ceiling a clean smooth look
  • It is useful for sound retention and in acoustic 
  • In case of any problem, it can be easily repaired.

Disadvantages of False Ceiling designs:

  • False ceiling can decrease the height of a room by a few feet or inches. 
  • Hanging is conceivable in the event of a false ceiling and it requires regular maintenance. 
  • In the event of characteristic calamities, the false ceiling may end up being dangerous.

False Ceiling | Classification Based on Materials

Basically, False Ceiling based on 3 most generic criteria:

  • Ambience needed
  • Place of application
  • And economy available

The most trendy False Ceiling Designs 

1. Ceiling With a Neat Tray Design 

In the first place, you could attempt this very straightforward tray plan. The edges are lower than the rest, giving your ceiling a flawless boundary. It characterizes the ceiling while as yet maintaining the attention on the room and its lovely insides. To keep up the decency of the design, include warm recessed lights that look insignificant and radiate a delicate shine. 

2. Decorate With a Chandelier… And a Classy Ceiling Fan 

In the event that you’d prefer to decorate your tray false ceiling, consolidate a crystal fixture (rather than recessed lighting). Now wondering whether a fan could possess all the necessary qualities? Indeed, obviously. We would propose that you pick a style with sharp edges that suits the general design of your false ceiling. In most of the advanced apartment hall, the crystal fixture, fan, and false ceiling (with recessed lights on the edges) meet up to make a flawless blend. 

3. Glitz Up Your Tray Design 

Need something all more but still want a sophisticated look? Have your designer fix a top-notch and high-quality wooden or compressed wood sheet to the base of the false ceiling for an enhancing touch. You could likewise consolidate a material like metal, PVC, or glass. This false ceiling configuration has a wooden base, a fan put in the middle, recessed lighting on the border, and two warm flush mounts on either side. Well, it makes for an exquisite plan. 

4. Attempt an Interesting Layered Tray Look 

Layered plate ceilings likewise make for smart yet straightforward false ceiling plans for rooms. Including different plates, this design is an extraordinary arrangement for those who need to say something without going for so many additional lights, colors, embellishments, and so on.

5. Decide on a Recessed Design 

Moving past the plate ceiling, you could rather attempt its variation: A recessed false ceiling plan. This plan features the ceiling as much as it does the room yet without seeming showy. The recessed ceiling is a basic design along with coved edges. 

6. Check Simple Shapes 

Presently to analyze but keep it basic, what about this false ceiling plan where the middle has a roundabout formed empty, wonderful to accommodate a ceiling light? Two-cylinder lights got into inverse edges that gave delicate yet abundant lighting. 

7. Consolidate a Suspended Island 

Like both the recessed and tray styles? What about you go in for a suspended island in your tray ceiling? The island requires inlet lighting surrounding it, accordingly giving a delicate, flushed gleam to your false ceiling design. It draws in the eye yet doesn’t trouble it. 

8. Add More Cove Lighting 

This is a comparative plan like the above mentioned however with a more modest island — the more modest size is intended to house simply the fan or the ceiling light. The more modest island likewise clears a path for a bigger space to be lit up by the inlet lighting. 

9. Anchor the Drawing Room 

This basic false ceiling plan for lobbies is only one suspended island with bay lighting along with six recessed lights set in an even way for a uniform sparkle. In contrast to different styles, this design places, and anchors the whole lounge room course of action, practically like what a carpet or rug would do on the floor. 

10. Go Bold But Still Simple

This suspended island is bulkier in structure and has recessed lights laid in a novel example. While such a plan is generally ideal for high ceiling rooms, it adds a structural component to this lobby in spite of its normal ceiling height. 

11. Refresh with Track Lights for a Modern Look 

At last, you could likewise attempt mounted light for your basic false ceiling. While mounted lights are most ordinarily found in business spaces but these should be pretty sufficiently enlightened, you could likewise utilize them in your home. Truth be told, mounted light would give your lounge room an extraordinary contemporary look.

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