How To Remove Gel Nail Polish At Home? Step Wise Instruction

Remove Gel Nail Polish

This is quite simply to wax poetic over the significant advantages of a gel manicure — two weeks of chip-free wear including glossy shine? Yeah, please! Eliminating the LED-cured cover, but, is another story altogether. When the edge around the cuticle begins to raise, it takes all the self-control attempting (and overtime failing…) not in order to rip all shells from the digits — that can create potential damage to the real nail bed underneath. Whether you are having a gel manicure from your own handiwork or from a reputed salon, we have mentioned the most trustworthy DIY approaches that help you to remove your gel nail polish effectively— without even damaging the health of your nails in the method.

Tips & Tricks to Remove Gel Nail Polish

1. Gently Buff the Upper Coat

While emphasizing the term “gently”, we actually mean very gently and be cautious not to scratch the surrounding skin of the cuticles. Always try to utilize a buffer along with a low ‘grit’, that helps to measure how rough the buffer is (at least go for 100-300 mark). Well, this procedure breaks the topmost layer of the gel formula, in order to allow for the nail polish remover to work more efficiently.

2. Wrap the Nails

Before going to the salon or any nail specialist, it is always better to apply a large amount of Vaseline to the cuticle and the surrounding area. Also, put some Vaseline to the nail’s surroundings in order to secure it from the drying impact of the nail polish remover. So, you are required to purchase a nail polish remover that contains a sufficient amount of acetone. On the other hand, if your nail polish remover doesn’t have acetone, then it won’t break down the gel formula. Take 10 cotton pads and cut ten pieces of tin foil.

Dip each cotton pad in the acetone and put it on the upper layer of the buffed nail. Once done, wrap the tin foil securely. Make sure you repeat the same procedure for your rest nails. Let the acetone dry for at least 10 minutes. If you think that there is a faff, then you might require to purchase some special clips, that helps to do that similar job as foil, to properly stay in place and can be employed again & again. On the other hand, you can always consult a beauty specialist to help to eliminate the gel polish from your nail.

3. Take Off the Foil & Cotton Pads

Now, it’s time to take off the foil as well as the cotton pads. But, if you find that your gels are still there, then don’t worry. By now, they should be manageable. That means you can easily eliminate them by using a cuticle pusher or wooden Orange Stick. But, If the gel is still pretty hard then you might be required to re-soak your nails in the same acetone solution.

4. Nourish and then Replenish

Once the gel is removed from your nail your nails will be feeling delicate, therefore try to be sure that you apply a sufficient amount of moisturizer and or some serum that contains rich oilsl. There are a lot of hand moisturizers as well as serums available in the market. Make sure to massage the oil or moisturizer in each nail bed as well as the surrounding cuticle. 

Furthermore, you can invest in a nail specialist in order to re-apply get polish on your nails.


Well, this comes to the end of the “how to remove gel nail polish at home”. Thanks for reading our blogs. Hopefully, we provide you with sufficient details so that you will be able to remove your gel polish from your nails without taking any kind of external assistance. If you want to get more tips related to nail paint, then you can write up your thoughts in the comment section below. We will revert you back as soon as possible.

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